What is the CCA?

Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) is an organization of strong state chapters comprised of avid recreational fishermen who have banded together to address conservation issues nationally and within their respective states.

The outdoor sports enthusiasts and conservationists who make up the organization recognize that only a concerted, on-going effort of major proportions will save the natural resources of our coastal waters from certain depletion or destruction. They are dedicated to preventing that from happening through programs of education, legislation and restoration.

The group had its beginning in 1977 in Texas, where CCA Texas was formed by concerned anglers who were alarmed by declining fish populations. They were made painfully aware of the inherent dangers brought on by dramatically increased commercial fishing pressure and from growing numbers of recreational anglers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How are CCA’s political, fisheries and legislative positions established?

CCA makes all decisions from the bottom up, involving our membership in all policy positions. Through an extensive web of volunteer committees and boards, CCA’s state and/or national (depending on the issue) volunteer executive committees vote to adopt all policies and positions. Every position is based on facts, strategy and more than 20 years of conservation experience.

Where does my membership and/or fundraiser contribution go?

“A majority of the membership contribution goes into publishing and distributing (the bimonthly membership magazine) TIDE, maintaining a membership department, paying for our annual audit, and supporting our federal lobbyist in Washington, D.C.

Does CCA employ biologists?

No. CCA relies on data from state and federal sources. But CCA has supported and funded research (on both a state and national level) to provide greater insight into marine resource issues and problems.

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