FAQ: The STAR Tournament

Yes. You must be a current CCA member and already entered the tournament at the time of your catch in order to be eligible to fish the tournament. It is the entrant’s responsibility to make sure that their membership and entry is current at the time of catch.

Yes. If you are entered into the current year’s tournament and your CCA membership is current, you are eligible to fish the tournament and do not have to show your card to weigh in a fish. We are happy to verify your eligibility in the STAR office. No weigh station will require proof of your entry at the time of weigh in. It is your responsibility to join/renew and enter.

No. You must weight/ check your fish in at an official weigh station and complete a weigh/ check in form in order for your fish to be eligible to win. Call the CCA STAR Hotline at 803-995-9315 immediately upon weighing/ checking your fish at one of the official weigh stations.

Yes! Due to the nature of CCA Sc’s STAR fish categories, tagged redfish and heaviest dolphin, a registered, eligible STAR angler could qualify to win both categories.

Must be 18 years of age to participate. You may fish all categories of STAR with rod-and-reel only.

Yes, you can. We have a Guides Division in STAR. Participating guides will be putting their best efforts forward to help put YOU on the best fish they possibly can, not only for you to win in STAR, but so they can have their chance to win. When you enter, they could win! Talk about giving your guide a great tip…

No. Professional fishing guides licensed by the state of South Carolina and/or the Federal Government and their Immediate Families are not eligible to weigh/ check a fish in the Tournament. However, professional fishing guides licensed and permitted by the state of South Carolina and/or the Federal Government may be eligible to win prize outlined for the Guides Division per Rules.

If you are 17 or older, you must have a recreational saltwater fishing license to be in compliance with South Carolina Rules and Regulations. We require that you follow all rules and regulations of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.  

SCDNR requires that you have a recreational fishing license with you to fish in state waters if you are 17 or older.

You can submit your tag or weigh in a fish at any of our official stations along the entire coast of South Carolina. A fish may only be weighed/checked one time at one location.

Your fish must be weighed in within 24 hours of the catch. Redfish Tags and Inshore fish must be submitted at an official weigh station within 24 hrs. This is noted on your official weigh-in form and is verified by polygraph if necessary.

First, call the CCA STAR Hotline 803-995-9315 (number is also on the tag) and head for the nearest weigh station, if possible, to report your catch and complete a weigh in form. Arrangements will be made for a CCA representative to meet with you. Arrangements for a polygraph may be made if necessary. 

Your fish cannot be frozen, spoiled, gutted, altered or mutilated. 

Yes. Only those individuals as outlined in our Rules found on the CCA SC website (www.ccasouthcarolina.com) are ineligible to win.

Any winner and immediate family that live at the same address at the time of the winning catch cannot enter/win the tournament for 3 tournament years.


Our website is the most convenient and fastest way to join CCA/renew/enter the tournament. If you enter by mail, it could be a couple of weeks before your entry has been processed and entered into the database. Your official entry date into the tournament will be the day it is received in our office. You may also call the national membership office at 1-800-201-3474 to join/renew/enter.

If you sign up online you will receive confirmation by e-mail. If you enter through the mail or on the phone there is no receipt.

Perhaps your SPAM blocker has put your e-mail into the junk or bulk mail folder of your provider. If you do not find it there, you can call 800-201-3474 and ask to speak to someone in Membership.

It can take up to 6 weeks to receive your card due to slow non-profit mail delivery. NOTE: You do not need your card to fish, weigh-in or win the tournament.